Environment Health & Safety (EHS)

Environment Health & Safety (EHS) Image

Raybow is committed to ensuring and instilling excellence in EHS with a strong commitment to continuous improvement in our performance in the prevention and avoidance of occupational risks for our employees and reducing the environmental impact of all our operations.

We embrace the opportunity to continue learning from the world class EHS leaders knowledge and the expertise of our customers through ever closer collaborations with a common goal of constantly improving EHS performance together for our employees and the environment.

The roles and responsibilities of all levels of our managers and EHS professionals are clearly defined. Our EHS team members includes specialists in all areas of EHS, and we have dedicated experts for every workshop and warehouse.

Our approach to EHS excellence is strongly based on Risk Prevention and includes commitment to all aspects of daily activities.

Key examples include

  • Commitment to adherence to Worldwide Standards through our ISO14000/OHSAS18000 certified systems.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Management of our Integral Waste management system including waste minimisation efforts
  • Waste water treatment in 2 sequential treatment plants
  • No landfilling of hazardous waste
  • Increase consideration of our environmental impact though our Energy Resource Management initiative
  • Protection of workers from workplace hazards by engineering controls (e.g. contained systems)
  • Comprehensive worker exposure monitoring
  • Full compliance goals for our safety certificate management
  • Commitment to maintaining and extending our comprehensive training management system